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Ballater Mens Roll Neck Sweater, Cosmos Blue, Geelong lambswool

Ballater Mens Roll Neck Sweater, Cosmos Blue, Geelong lambswool

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The new Danish clothing brand OLENE proudly presents a turtleneck sweater that even the most discerning wool hater will embrace as if it were the holy grail that had suddenly materialized. Knitted in Scotland on old knitting machines and washed in the soft waters of the Tweed River. We've been there ourselves, and it's not empty talk! This beautiful turtleneck sweater fits perfectly with OLENE's new Beauly tweed shacket.
  •      100% SuperFine Geelong lambswool
  •      1-ply yarn
  •      Plus-height turtleneck
  •      Knitted in Scotland

It's made from 1-ply yarn, which means it's on the thinner end of the knitting scale, and thus can fulfill our own dream: To wear it under a tweed blazer. The wool is the finest Geelong SuperFine lambswool from New Zealand, which can probably be described as merino wool's luxurious and durable cousin. The yarn has a slightly shorter fiber length and a small diameter, which contributes to the sweaters's incredible softness. To make it even softer, we have asked the knitwear manufacturer to make an "underwash", i.e. that the yarn has been spun a little less, but tumble-dried a little more than what is standard.

The turtleneck itself is made extra high, a bit in 70s style, which looks cool. All asssemblies are made in the classic way, which gives a design edge.

DISCLOSURE: The founder himself has sampled these sweaters WITHOUT wearing anything underneath to make sure they really are as soft as we want them to be. So no shirt, no t-shirt, nothing! Sorry to go into such intimate details, but it's important to us that you understand how deliciously soft this knit is without any cashmere wool involved.

The shirt is PRINCIPALLY designed for men, listed in men's sizes, but has already been "scored" by several women in our circle. That's how quality is, it has no preference, age or bias.

We ourselves are incredibly happy with this sweater, which will last for many years in terms of style and product quality. We think this is sustainable and just makes so much sense to us.

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