The Library

The place to dive in

Just like on any Scottish castle, we provide you here with The Library, where you can find and read a wealth of information about our products, materials, origins of cloth and much more. Check our Library once in a while when you need a break. It will updated frequently. You could sit by a fireplace with a gin/tonic at hand.

What is a "shacket"?

We are glad you ask, and we understand that the word might need some explanation.

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What kind of tweed is there?

Tweed is a versatile and durable fabric that
comes in various types and patterns, each with its own distinct

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More about Yorkshire tweed

Yorkshire tweed is renowned for its quality, durability, and distinctive designs, much like the traditional tweeds originating from Scotland.

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Get to know Geelong wool

Geelong Superfine Wool is prized for its combination of softness, fineness, warmth, and versatility.

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Care tips

Read our recommendations for proper care of your new OLENE garment.

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